Because you can’t have data privacy without data security.

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DataKeep is an enterprise software solution that delivers data security with policy-based access control and encryption, data privacy by monitoring authorized data access, usage or deletion.

Protect Your Data, Your Brand and Your Reputation

Over 100 countries around the world and all 50 U.S. states have enacted data breach notification legislation. One common thread across many regulations is that a security breach is defined as unauthorized access to unencrypted or unsecured data. Prepare and protect your organization from data breaches with DataKeep data-centric protection.

Security Control
Provable Security

Data privacy is about the trust between an organization and an individual regarding the collection, processing and retention of personal information. This trust requires that data is only accessed by authorized users for the purpose it was collected and just for the time it is needed. Protect this trust relationship with DataKeep data-centric protection.

Third-party administrators must support public cloud operations, but it is your responsibility to ensure they cannot access, use or modify critical data, whether accidentally or maliciously. This is compounded with a multi-cloud strategy where each provider may have different processes and requirements. Protect your organization today with DataKeep.

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“DataKeep’s data-centric model enables our government and DoD customers to leverage the benefits of cloud-based computing and storage without risk by protecting sensitive data from the point of creation to deletion, and not just while the data is in storage.”

Eric Vollmecke, president of SENGEX

"SecurityFirst's DataKeep solution is integral to CMA's overall cybersecurity Risk Management Framework solution portfolio with its best-in-class data-centric protection capabilities. DataKeep's ability to safeguard federal organizations’ data across on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments positions it ideally for most every solution strategy and architecture."

John H. Frey, Director, Channel & Alliances, GWAC Program Manager