The Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Computing

Businesses across the globe are realizing the advantages of cloud computing. From small startups to global enterprises, cloud ...
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Why Should Your Company Use Encryption?

In May of 2018, there were 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day around the world. Mentioning ...
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You Can’t Have (Data) Privacy Without Security

While I can do without unsolicited advertisements and whacked out political diatribes, I must admit I enjoy following ...
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Network Security Threats

The Top 9 Network Security Threats of 2019

The last couple of years have seen some of the most frequent and severe cyber security attacks ever ...
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Trends in Cyber Attacks

Trends in Cyber Attacks Over the Last 15 Years – by Bill Crowell

  I first met Brian Contos, CISO of Verodin, when he ran sales engineering at ArcSight, Inc., where ...
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Data Privacy Rights

Data Privacy Rights – Dawn of A New Era

We are now entering the era of personal data rights, meaning that the tide is shifting, towards individuals ...
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