What is Data Encryption at Rest

What is Data Encryption at Rest?

In this article, we provide a detailed explanation to the question "What is data encryption at rest?" Businesses ...
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Cybersecurity Threats

8 Ominous Cybersecurity Threats CTO’s have to Deal With

Cybersecurity threats are happening on a constant basis and is easily monitored from Check Point's live threat mapping ...
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risk mitigation strategies

4 Best Risk Mitigation Strategies to Apply Today

The most serious security mistake organizations have made in the past, is in thinking "It could never happen ...
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Enterprise Data Protection

Why You Need Enterprise Data Protection

Enterprise data protection is a hot button in the modern corporate world and everybody knows that proper security ...
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GDPR Compliance Risk Assessment of Google Analytics

Some significant changes have come into effect for websites that market goods and services to Europeans.  GDPR (General ...
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data centric security

Data Centric Security – Will It Fend Off Breaches?

One thing is clear: no organization or industry is exempt from cyber-attacks. Therefore, when talking about data breaches, ...
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