Sensitive data must be
private, secure and
readily accessible.

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Avoid costly fines and data breach notification requirements

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Support key data specific requirements in regulatory mandates

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Role-based access, encryption, monitoring, key management and data deletion

Governing bodies and organizations are developing strict regulations around data privacy with costly repercussions for non-compliance. Whether the regulation applies to a specific industry, country, or state; at the core is that data privacy is that sensitive data must be protected by the entity it is entrusted to.

The data protection elements in most regulations focus around the following areas: Retention, recovery and destruction; data access management; key lifecycle management; and access logging for analysis and reporting. DataKeep addresses the most stringent compliance requirements related to the data itself with built-in access processes, cryptographic policy enforcement, data destruction, access auditing and integrated key management, enabling organizations to avoid hefty fines and detrimental impacts on their brand and reputation.