Data availability and
integrity for rapid recovery.

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Native encrypted copy, backup and restore capabilities

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Ability to “air gap” backup data from network to object storage

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Geographic distribution of data across S3 locations or vendors for resiliency

Most regulatory compliance mandates, such as GDPR, dictate not just what needs to be protected and retained but also how quickly you need to recover that data when asked. When applied to an unexpected failure or a malicious event, the importance of resiliency is being able to recover data at or near the original state when the event occurred, and to do so as quickly as possible.

DataKeep can secure your backup prior to storage using an encryption key you generate and control to give you the flexibility to use an S3-compatible resource. The Object Store agent provides control over bucket permissions and encrypts data on the client side before sending on to the actual storage location. The Object Store agent uses patented cryptographic splitting technology that allows you to send pieces of data to multiple cloud object storage locations or cloud vendors for business continuity and operational efficiency.