Podcast: Monitoring National Cybersecurity Trends With Former NSA Deputy Director Bill Crowell

Bill Crowell, Chairman of the Board of SecurityFirst and former National Security Agency (NSA) Deputy Director, was recently featured in a podcast in which he talked about many trends and topics in data security, including emerging enterprise threats and strategies for improving data security. It was produced by IBM for their Security Intelligence series, with IBM’s Rick Robinson as the moderator.

Here’s a link to the podcast, which includes a summary of the topics discussed:


Bill has an extensive career in security in both industry and government. You can read more about Bill here:

Bill is highly sought after for his opinions and deep understanding of the constantly evolving security environment. As he stated, he’s very familiar with how attacks occur because he was responsible for those groups in NSA that tried to overcome defenses.

As Bill says, “I like to look at these systems through the eyes of what I used to do, which is attack systems.”

The podcast focuses on many topics facing IT teams today – how to create a secure environment with a limited staff, while keeping up with emerging threats.

At SecurityFirst, we believe that it’s essential to protect critical data. Firewalls, network segmentation, and malware detection are essential components of a layered defense, but once these protections are breached, fully featured encryption can prevent critical data from being stolen, destroyed or compromised. Data encryption should include authentication and policy enforcement, key management, and reporting to quickly alert users that data may be under attack. DataKeep provides these capabilities in an easy to use product.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!