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Your Secure Path to Object Storage

The Challenge

Exponential data growth is placing enormous burdens on organizations’ infrastructure and storage costs. This has created the need to store and archive data, including sensitive PII, while maintaining privacy in accordance with regulatory mandates. While object storage is viewed as a cost-effective and scalable storage option, concerns remain about the security of the data.

Our Solution

DataKeep’s object store agent allows you to confidently move data, including sensitive data, to object storage, allowing you to take advantage of cost savings and infinite scalability. DataKeep’s ability to support M of N distributed shares allows companies to encrypt, split and distribute data across multiple object store locations or vendors for business continuity and operational efficiency.

DataKeep™ Protects Your Data Your Brand And Your Reputation

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    Encrypts personal data-at-rest and manage encryption keys

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    Manages access to personal data by role or process

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    Audits data access requests / denials for encrypted personal data


Prepare and Protect with DataKeep

DataKeep’s object store agent allows you to securely leverage the low cost of on-premises or cloud-based S3 compatible object storage. Now you can store infrequently used data with infinite scalability and the ability to manage security, encryption keys (including bring your own key), and access controls.