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Your Last Line of Defense

The Challenge

Even if your organization doesn't fall under compliance regulations like GDPR or CCPA, every U.S. state has a breach notification law where breaches are typically defined as unauthorized access to unen- crypted or unsecured data. Notifications and fines associated with a breach can be minimized, even prevented if the critical data is encrypted and only accessible by authorized users.

Our Solution

DataKeep easily manages the who, what, when, where and how data is accessed and serves as the last line of defense for your data. Maintaining control of critical data and tightened access controls is the best way to minimize exposure in the event of a breach, avoid paying costly fines and ultimately preserve brand reputation and customer trust.

DataKeep™ Protects Your Data Your Brand And Your Reputation

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    Encrypts personal data-at-rest and manage encryption keys

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    Manages access to personal data by role or process

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    Audits data access requests / denials for encrypted personal data


Prepare and Protect with DataKeep

DataKeep is an integrated and cost-effective approach to data protection with access, encryption, key management and monitoring -- all designed from the ground up using APIs and open standards for ease of orchestration across the enterprise. DataKeep manages data protection from a central console for private, public, and hybrid-cloud environments. Its easy-to-use, agent-based deployment model helps protect data-at-rest on servers running Linux, Windows, Linux Network File Systems and S3 object storage.