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The Growing Demand for Data Privacy

Governing bodies and organizations are developing strict regulations around data privacy with costly repercussions for non-compliance. Whether a regulation applies to a specific industry, country, or state; the core requirement is that personal data must be protected by the entity it is entrusted to. When looking at data protection laws and regulations it is important to understand that you cannot have true data privacy without implementing and maintaining data security.

Data Privacy

The trust relationship between an organization and individual as it pertains to the lawful collection, processing and retention of personal information -- for a specific interaction. Data privacy concerns authorized access related to collecting and processing personal information.

Data Security

The technology and processing safeguards that ensure your private data stays private. It concerns securing the data and preventing “unauthorized access or misuse” during collection and processing. To keep private data private, organizations must understand how the personal data they collect is processed and implement security measures to make sure it is constantly secure and monitored. The processing of personal data requires limiting access based upon role or function, only for the purpose the data was collected and only for the time needed .

How DataKeep™ from SecurityFirst helps supports data privacy

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    Encrypts personal data-at-rest and manage encryption keys

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    Manages access to personal data by role or process

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    Audits data access requests / denials for encrypted personal data

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    Provides data erasure through cryptographic shredding

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Protect and Prevent with DataKeep

DataKeep addresses the most stringent compliance requirements related to the security of processing with cryptographic access policy enforcement, auditing and integrated key management. DataKeep can help organizations avoid hefty fines and detrimental impacts on their brand and reputation.

DataKeep automatically encrypts all data in the location you define. Customer-defined policies manage the who, what, when, where and how users can access that data in a decrypted state. You can define access policies as narrow as -- a specific user, can only see specific data decrypted, when using a specific hashed process/application on a specific server. Access is only allowed through the process/application per policy.

DataKeep logs all user data access requests, whether approved or denied, in real time to allow for prompt remediation. Event logs can be forwarded to Systems Information and Event Management (SIEM) for analysis and reporting.