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Your secure path to Amazon S3 compatible object storage resources

Massive amounts of data are being generated daily, and requirements for archiving data and maintaining data privacy place enormous burdens on organizations and their infrastructure and storage costs. While object storage is viewed as the most cost-effective and scalable storage option, concerns remain around the security of the data housed in object storage.  DataKeep’s Object Store Agent removes those concerns by allowing you to easily secure the data before sending it to object storage, allowing you to take advantage of its cost savings and infinite scalability. 


DataKeep by SecurityFirst offers the most robust security to protect your data and its proven security is now expanded to object storage environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

Program disclaimers: Limited number of beta program opportunities will be accepted. Beta program participants will be selected based on specific criteria.  

Greater Autonomy

From supporting BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) through to creating policies that dictate more granular access permissions, the Object Store Agent gives companies expanded enterprise-level control and capabilities. The Object Store Agent enables organizations to encrypt data, and maintain complete control of encryption keys on the client side before sending to local or cloud object storage with S3 environments. 

Cost Optimization

Companies across industries such as financial, legal, insurance, medical, government and others who are required to archive large volumes of data for long periods of time can now benefit from a smarter, infinitely scalable, low cost storage alternative to premium cloud storage, disk or tape storage.

Increased Resiliency and Improved Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Leveraging the Object Store Agent’s ability to support M of N distributed shares, companies can encrypt, split (or shard) and distribute data across multiple cloud environments, on-premises or any combination for high availability.

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