SecurityFirst Extends Data Protection with Announcement of Network File System and AIX Support

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. – Feb. 28, 2019 – SecurityFirst™, provider of data-centric security, today announced DataKeepTM release 2.3, adding comprehensive support for data at rest on Network File System (NFS) and AIX systems. The release of DataKeep 2.3 extends SecurityFirst’s objective to build a firewall around organizations’ valuable data by expanding protection to new data storage systems.

With this expansion, DataKeep now has the ability to protect major storage operating systems frequently found in data centers, adding AIX and NFS to its existing coverage of Linux, Windows Server and local and cloud-based object storage. Utilizing a single security system across many storage types streamlines administration of encryption including key management, policy enforcement and reporting. The new storage support options available with DataKeep furthers SecurityFirst’s mission of simplified data protection that reduces time, resources and cost while providing a last line of defense for data no matter where it resides.

“Our customers have been motivated by two overlapping urgent issues: keeping sensitive data out of the hands of hackers and meeting the growing list of compliance regulations such as GDPR, NYCRR and CCPA,” said Jim Varner, CEO of SecurityFirst. “Having a single product to protect a variety of data platforms helps them simplify deployment and operations and helps reduce the strain on their ever-increasing IT budgets.”

DataKeep’s comprehensive security allows enterprises and government entities to extend protection across their data centers, including a variety of server and data storage types. AIX is often used on mission critical servers in an architecture which frequently also includes many Linux and Windows servers. DataKeep’s integration with a growing ecosystem of security platforms, including SIEM systems, discovery tools and key stores, gives users the ability to protect data on all major server types while taking advantage of an integrated approach.

SecurityFirst has extended its security architecture to include virtualized, distributed storage systems, and DataKeep release 2.3 includes support for NFS, the most common distributed file system for Linux servers. Many data centers architectures use networked storage to pool critical storage across several servers, rather than tying it to a single server. With NFS support, DataKeep can now protect networked storage.

According to a recent study by SecurityFirst and the Ponemon Institute, nearly half of respondents either don’t believe or are unsure if data in the cloud is as secure as in their own data center. This concern has organizations seeking to enhance the protection of their data and maintain controls whether the data is stored locally, in the cloud or a hybrid model.

Applications using object storage can use the same DataKeep product to protect their data using the DataKeep Object Store Agent (OSA). Customers can use cost-effective and flexible object storage while obtaining the same level of data protection and security systems integration that they receive across all their storage systems. Most importantly, DataKeep allows information technology operators to retain control of security, even for data in the cloud, which is critical as privacy regulations require the data owner to be liable AND in control.

For more information about DataKeep, visit the SecurityFirst website.

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SecurityFirstTM delivers advanced security solutions that build a firewall around your data to protect against ever increasing threats and to aid in meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, NYCRR and many others. Our flagship product, DataKeepTM, serves as your data firewall by using advanced encryption, scalable hierarchical key management, extensive policy enforcement and monitoring of unauthorized access to deliver the highest levels of availability, resiliency and time to value. Security requires a layered approach and protection of the data itself is your last line of defense. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @SecurityFirstCo.


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