Data-Centric Security Company SecurityFirst Unveils One Hour Setup for DataKeep; Announces New Executive Leadership

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SecurityFirst™, provider of data-centric security, announced today major enhancements to DataKeep™, the industry’s most resilient data protection solution. With release 2.2, DataKeep can be configured to encrypt and protect data on servers within an hour. Achieving this speed of deployment enables enterprise customers to protect critical data while keeping time, cost and staff expenditures within budget.

SecurityFirst also announced the appointment of noted security authority Bill Crowell, former deputy director of the National Security Agency (NSA), as chairman of the board. President and CEO Jim Varner recently built up SecurityFirst’s management team to execute on the company’s vision, adding three Silicon Valley veterans: Pankaj Parekh, chief products & strategy officer; Shailesh Naik, chief revenue officer; and Dan Tuchler, chief marketing officer.

“The security industry is at a pivotal time; never has there been more data created and stored every day, alongside a constant and growing threat of security breaches,” says Jim Varner. “We’re confident that our expanded leadership team and emphasis on innovation aimed at cost-effectively accelerating time to value for customers will enable us to continue to lead the way for the security industry.”

With over 1.3 million data records lost or stolen every day, compounded by $2.1 million as the average cost of a data breach to a singular organization, companies desperately need to prioritize data protection, in addition to network security, to combat costly and damaging data breaches and meet regulatory requirements. Within just the past couple of weeks, serious breaches have been disclosed by Quora, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and Marriott International, with hundreds of millions of consumers impacted.

“Cybersecurity is the fastest growing area of organized criminality worldwide, intensifying the emerging threats that every company will face,” said Bill Crowell, SecurityFirst’s chairman of the board. “Data protection must be at the core of every company’s concerns, and consequences can be dire if companies do not have a cybersecurity plan in place.”

Seasoned Executive Leadership

Named as one of the 25 most influential people in the security industry by Security Magazine, Bill Crowell has served on the boards of numerous technology companies, including ArcSight, SafeNet, and Six3 Systems. Crowell served as president and chief executive officer of Cylink Corporation, a public company and leading provider of e-business security solutions, from November 1998 to February 2003, when Cylink was acquired by SafeNet, Inc. After leading analysis, operations, and research and development missions at the NSA, he was appointed deputy director of NSA from 1994-1997 by President Bill Clinton. He has written extensively on security and is a sought-after speaker. Bill works closely with Jim Varner, president and CEO of SecurityFirst, who also has over 30 years of technology, systems, and business development experience at IBM.

New members rounding out the executive team are based in Silicon Valley and each has had numerous leadership positions in building new startups. Pankaj Parekh, SecurityFirst’s chief product & strategy officer, has extensive experience building network security, cloud security, client and server security products, and joined SecurityFirst to develop security that is fully centered around data. Shailesh Naik, SecurityFirst’s chief revenue officer, has extensive experience building sales organizations in the network and security industries, with domain expertise in strategic sales and general management. Dan Tuchler is SecurityFirst’s chief marketing officer, and is an experienced product and marketing executive who has worked in security, networking and data center markets. All three have helped build many companies that have created market value through IPO or acquisition.

Securing Private Data

DataKeep is the next generation of data-centric protection for organizations looking to secure their critical data. By implementing DataKeep, organizations can manage who, what, when, where and how data is accessed, and mitigate risk associated with unauthorized access to data. DataKeep securely protects data by encrypting data-at-rest, limiting access to data by role, user-ID or application, monitoring for un-authorized access, and most importantly applying a thorough and hierarchical approach to security keys.

SecurityFirst provides innovative and affordable software solutions that protect access to one of the world’s most valuable assets – private, digital data. SecurityFirst’s DataKeep products are available directly and through a number of channel partners. DataKeep works with ecosystem partners to complete the security solution, integrating with existing SIEM and other security elements.

DataKeep’s next-generation solution is available immediately. Learn more about DataKeep.

About SecurityFirst 
SecurityFirst™ delivers data-centric solutions built to secure data against ever increasing threats and to aid in meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, NYCRR and many others. Security requires a layered approach and protection of data on the server is the last line of defense. SecurityFirst’s flagship product, DataKeep™, uses advanced encryption, scalable hierarchical key management, extensive policy enforcement and monitoring of unauthorized access. It delivers the highest levels of availability, resiliency and time to value, thus ensuring an organization’s critical information is protected from creation to deletion.

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