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DataKeep is an integrated, software solution that consists of encryption agents and a central management console. DataKeep can manage access policies, keys and numerous encryption agents across one or more data centers. Volume and file agents are installed directly on the servers where data needs to be protected and can be deployed to any virtual or physical server running a supported OS.

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Either volume or file agent types also support copy and move of encrypted data and by extension, native backup/recovery as full or incremental copies that can be stored locally or remotely without administrative access to clear text data. And in conjunction with the object store agent, support disaster recovery and ransomware mitigation. This provides an integrated, cost effective, full or incremental backup and recovery capability with end to end security, low overhead, and no access to decrypted data by the backup system administrators – the only effective mitigation against ransomware.

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DataKeep allows customers to deploy agents that encrypt data at the volume-level or for additional granularity, at file/directory level. The volume encryption agent is a virtual block device that once installed is mounted to look like an attached disk. The file encryption agent works at the file-level based upon fine-grained file or directory level policies. This allows for cryptographic security and access controls based upon User or Group, as well as the ability to encrypt the data in place or limit access via pre-defined applications or processes.

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